New Church Resources

Spiritual Growth Program Materials

The New Church offers a variety of programs designed to assist people in applying God’s teachings to their everyday lives. Using step-by-step modules, available on,  these courses guide participants towards becoming more spiritually evolved human beings. Whether you are participating within a group framework or on your own, this site is your link to program materials:

Educational Materials

In the Pittsburgh New Church congregation of the New Church, we prioritize education which encompasses the spiritual and academic development of each student. Growing spiritually is life's highest purpose; therefore we believe it is of utmost importance to teach our children in a way that brings God into their learning.

If you are unable to enroll your child in the Pittsburgh New Church School or would like to bring further New Church education into your home or church, there are a number of web resources available to support your New Church educational efforts on our denominational site:

New Church Education — New Church Education offers materials and support for families educating their children. They have lessons available for children of all ages, and support for teachers and administrators wishing to further develop their Sunday School programs.

Vineyard Magazine & Library — New Church Vineyard is an online collection of resources for Religious Education based on the teachings of the New Church. It is an indispensable resource for New Church Education both in the classroom and in the home. It is organized thematically and the 60 issues provide religious materials for all ages.

New Church Online Stores

Pittsburgh New Church as a congregation of the New Church is a church founded on rich spiritual teachings that bring new meaning to the Word, deepen our relationship with God and help readers on their spiritual journey. Our mission is to connect people to New Church ideas and to make Swedenborg's works widely available, thereby helping users to advance on their spiritual journeys. New Church Online Stores offer New Church and other religious literature and audio-visual materials which explore these teachings at greater depth.

The New Church Amazon Store provides a number of books regarding Swedenborg and New Church teachings as well as complimentary religious and other books to help readers in their daily and spiritual lives. Using an Amazon Store provides the New Church with access to the entire Amazon catalog and therefore allows us to feature a breadth of materials and provide a familiar shopping experience to all.

The New Church Bookstore Online is available for people around the world who are more familiar with the teachings of the New Church and rely on a greater depth of materials.

We also maintain a physical presence in the beautiful Bryn Athyn Cathedral. Please come in and browse our inventory if you are in the Philadelphia area (M-F:  9am-4pm, Sat: 1-4pm and Sun: 10am-12pm and 1-4pm USA Eastern Time). For information, call 267.502.4980 or send us an email.

New Christian Resources is the place to purhcase materials for New Church "Journey Programs" (spiritual growth programs) as well as resources from General Church Education (previously "the General Church Office of Education").


New Church Publications represent the different aspects of church life and seek to provide enriching material for those wanting to deepen their faith, share New Church teachings with others, or learn about the organization's initiatives.

New Church Vineyard is an online magazine promoting spiritual learning for people of all ages. There is a rotating theme for each month which provides direction for religious study. Vineyard also offers resources and materials for home, Sunday school, and classroom learning.

New Church Connection Magazine exists to inform, inspire, and connect people who are interested in the New Church. Each issue focuses on a theme pertinent to modern-day life and provides background information on the teachings of the church, dwelling specifically on practical application.

New Church Life is a monthly magazine devoted to teachings revealed through Emanuel Swedenborg. Issues include doctrinal articles, sermons, and church news. It is the official journal of the General Church of the New Jerusalem and has been published continuously since 1881.

Online Resources

For those seeking a more precise understanding of the Writings or the inner meaning of the Word, online resources make it easy to find specific passages and learn correspondences. is an online place for people who are interested in the Bible, not just in its literal sense, but in its inner, spiritual sense. New Christian Bible Study allows users to read plain-language explanations of Bible stories, verses, and words alongside the text of the Bible. If the reader is interested in studying further, they can choose to follow links from the Bible directly to relevent passages from Emanuel Swedenborg's works. makes the Writings fully accessible online, allowing users to search for specific topics, find exact quotations, compare translations, and view the original Latin text. The site is useful for people ranging from Swedenborg scholars to those with a more casual interest in the Writings. makes a New Church translation of the Bible available to the public. The New Church version of the Word illuminates the deeper meaning of biblical allegory, using Swedenborg's Writings to reveal hidden truth. provides access to music for New Church music from the Liturgy and New Church musicians. It allows individuals or congregations to learn the music, find music by topic, access accompaniment files for many songs, etc. Due to musical copyright laws a login and password are required for use of this site.