Living Gratefully

Living Gratefully - Join us starting Feb 14, 2016!


Inspired by Swedenborg’s book Divine Providence, Living Gratefully is a seven (7) week Bible study program that explores the concept of providence through a lens of gratitude for God’s constant, loving presence in our lives.

Ultimately, living gratefully is about more than simply appreciating what you have; it’s about delighting in the opportunity to give to others. True gratitude ignites compassion.

When we understand that the ultimate goal of providence is happiness and unity with God, we realize that this kind of love wants to be shared. Living gratefully increases our awareness of the beauty and blessings that are constantly unfolding around us, and thus inspires us to share those blessings with others.

Program Elements

1. Weekly Worship

Each week, the worship service and Sunday School sessions will focus on one topic of the program.

2. Daily Readings

There is a workbook to go with the program that provides daily reading from scripture, reflections from individuals, and concrete ideas for incorporating gratitude into life.

3. Small Groups

Your small groups is where you’ll have the chance to talk with others in a friendly environment about each week’s lesson, share your experience, and support each other in living gratefully.

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