Mindful Communication Challenge

Our next New Church Journey Program is coming starting October 2, 2016!

Over the five Sundays in October, we will join New Church groups across the globe in following a program exploring symbolism from five New Testament parables about “The kingdom of heaven,” as well as descriptions of what a heavenly community looks like from the works by Emanuel Swedenborg.

Workbooks will be on sale at church, starting in late September (they have reduced the price to $10 for the book; ebooks are also available at http://bit.ly/2bWi9Kp).

You can follow the daily readings in the workbook by yourself, or you can also join a small group that includes discussions, activities, and spiritual growth-oriented tasks for the week. Workbooks (and sermons) should be newcomer friendly: this is also a great opportunity to invite a friend!

Interested in hosting or participating in a small group? So far we have groups meeting on Tuesdays and Fridays, plus online groups on other nights. Let Lamar Odhner know (info@pittsurghnewchurch.org or 412-731-0122).

Weekly topics

Each of the five weeks explores a communication task drawn from the parable:

  • Week 1: Am I listening? Listen with an open mind and open heart. Be soft ground. (Matthew 13: 1-9)

  • Week 2: Is it true? Question your stressful thoughts and find your truth. Sell the junk; buy the pearl. (Matthew 13:45)

  • Week 3: Is it kind? Identify your feelings and come from love. Keep oil in your lamp. (Matthew 25:1-14)

  • Week 4: Is it useful? Identify boundaries and make requests. Maintain your vine-yard. (Matthew 20:1-16)

  • Week 5: Am I willing? When you’re ready, come to the feast! All are welcome. (Luke 15:15-23)

Go to http://bit.ly/2bWi9Kp for more information on the workbook and program.